5 Google AdWords Tips to Upgrade Your Campaigns

Upgrade Your Google AdWords Campaigns

Google Adwords, when appropriately used, can be one of the most significant advertising efforts, providing an affordable, cost-effective marketing tool that any company can utilize. One of the best AdWords’ features is that if you implement the right strategies, you can raise conversion rates, lower costs, and achieve a higher ROI on your ads with a few clicks.

We have five highly useful Google AdWords tips that you can implement today.

AdWords Tip #1: Branded terms boost your Quality Score

A Quality Score is based on multiple factors, such as the click-through rate, relevancy of your keywords, ad copy, and the landing page destination. Branded key terms tend to get the highest Quality Scores. Your branded terms are highly relevant ads, as they already appear throughout your website. Additionally, these branded key terms can deliver some of the highest click-through rates because they target customers who are already looking for your brand. The combination of branded terms with modified broad keywords will extend the Quality Score boost even further.

AdWords Tip #2: Implement negative keywords to lower costs

Negative keywords are a critical part of running a successful Google AdWords campaign because negative terms can save you a lot of money on useless clicks. HubSpot reports that up to 25% of companies are not using negative keywords at all.

Negative keywords work as a reminder to Google to not show your ad when they are part of the search. An example of this would like if you sell men’s dress shoes but not athletic shoes, you would have “athletic” as a negative keyword, so your ad would appear in searches for men’s shoes but not men’s athletic shoes.

Utilizing a negative keyword research tool can get you started.

AdWords Tip #3: Enable conversion tracking to refine your campaigns

Conversion tracking is one of the easiest ways to find out how effective your AdWords campaigns are to your marketing efforts. Once you have enabled conversion tracking, you will see which of your campaigns are generating leads, calls, sign-ups, or other designated actions, and which are draining your budget.

Adjust your marketing spend to focus on the keywords that deliver the best ROI, raise bids on your best-performing keywords and drop any that are costing you money and not generating conversions.

5 Google AdWords Tips to Upgrade Your Campaigns

AdWords Tip #4: Expand your language settings

Expanding your language setting is one the easiest Google AdWords tricks to yield excellent results. Implementing this tip can provide your campaigns with an easy way to reach a broader, bi-lingual audience.

Having your website has multiple language pages so you can reach customers in several languages. If at this moment you cannot invest in translating your website, you can still reach a bi-lingual audience with this Google AdWords tip.

The combination of branded terms with modified broad keywords will extend the Quality Score boost even further. Click To Tweet

This tip comes in handy when you select another language with your ad campaigns, your ad can reach bi-lingual speakers. This allows for those who have set their search preferences to their home language but type in their searches in English. As many bi-lingual speakers use English and their home language interchangeably, this easy change move can improve your exposure.

AdWords Tip #5: Use location-based bid modifiers

Location-based bid modifiers allow you to raise your bids for the area where your products are in more considerable demand, adjusting this throughout the year. For instance, if you sell ski clothes, you will see more conversions from searchers in Northern states as winter months approach. Within your AdWords account change your view to Geographic on the Dimensions tab to see performance metrics by location (country, region, metro area, city, etc.). Find your best performing locations by organizing by conversions. Go to location targeting settings to increase your bid for each of those areas.

If you would like more Google AdWords tips or assistance implementing PPC strategies, Uzzle Media can help. We can assist you in achieving highly effective Google AdWords campaigns, using keyword research tools, compelling ad copy, custom landing pages, and analytics to track, monitor, and measure your AdWords ROI.

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