Improve Your Call To Actions

After you have successfully driven traffic to your website, the next thing you want is to convert that traffic into your customer base. You may have the amount of traffic that you want, but if they are not converting then your work is ineffective. Enter call to actions.


Call to actions may seem like a simple task that is not very significant but it can help or harm your conversion rate. So how do you know which call to actions to use? One way of figuring that out is to test the copy on your buttons. You have seen them everywhere, “click here” or “buy now,” but do that general call to action buttons work? If you are not getting the conversions that you would like to, you could consider changing the call to action copy on your buttons. Perhaps try using something like “find out how to get started” for more information on your products and services.

The design of your page and call to action button also may have an impact on your users. For example, green may affect the potential customer that indicates a “go” while red may have a negative effect telling them to “stop.” Test out different color schemes on your call to action page and button and see what works best for you.

It’s About Location

Just as the colors of the call to action buttons affect the consumer, so does the location of the button. Try different locations, although generally, I think it is best to have your buttons within the central focus of the eye to screen ratio. Try out different sizes and fonts as well.

All these little elements can boost your conversions, believe it or not. It does not hurt to try out several options and figure out which call to actions and designs work best for your site.

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