Mobile App Marketing

There are new ways of connecting with mobile users that make way for a new set of marketing opportunities, mobile app marketing. Mobile devices have properties that make those opportunities valuable for conversions and ROI.

Mobile devices such as smartphones have become an inseparable component in our daily lives. We use it to check the news, the weather forecast, to set our alarms.  We connect with people all across the globe and make purchases on our mobile devices.  This personal extension of the self with a mobile device has introduced a new way to connect with consumers.

Challenges with Mobile Apps

Even though the opportunities to connect with consumers through mobile applications are tremendous, there is naturally a set of challenges to overcome. For one, the app market is already highly crowded. Users download so many apps on a daily basis that the possibility of your app to become obsolete and deleted is high at risk.

The Mobile Environment

Mobile app marketers are focused on the number of installs, sometimes overlooking retention rates. It is critical to invest in a useful App Store SEO strategy to increase app retention and improve revenue per user.


Many App creators are using analytic packages offered to get a better grasp on their consumer’s behavior inside the app. By creating goals to track specific actions taken and keep an eye on data trails left by customer interactions, app creators can get an insight on of what happens once they have launched their app. That data helps highlight places of popularity and points of exit. Using analytics to boost iteration of the product or service is a useful component to improve your retention numbers grow.

Consumer Engagement

Once you have gained knowledge of the consumer’s behavior the next step is to go back to the drawing board and develop strategies that will increase your app’s growth and retention rate. The best practices for your strategy is to use consumer feedback, research the target customer, and target customers in a personalized way.

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