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Reality has fallen among many businesses owners that social media no longer an option but a necessity. Being part of the conversation being had is vital to the success of online marketing. It’s this realization that gives opportunities to develop, control, and expand a brand message directly to your consumers. 

Our boutique agency will be your eyes and ears on the digital landscape. With strategic planning and content creation, we will advance your opportunities to engage in today's active brand communities. Moreover, we craft and monitor targeted advertising campaigns via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

We do this by providing a one-stop shop, from social media training to strategy and execution on social platforms. We study your target audience and immerse ourselves in their digital environment, which allows us to craft messages and engage in conversations relevant and meaningful to your consumer base.

The result is a relationship with your customer and building a genuinely strong social community around your brand and brand story.

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Facebook has expanded to incorporate the many ways to start and continue the conversation with your audience. From chatbots to advertising, the possibilities have grown to understand and reach your target market. We assist in building high quality and engaging content, advertising, community management and a plethora of other business exposing strategies.

- Facebook has about 1.8 billion monthly active users
- Users spend about 20 minutes on Facebook each day
- 82% of online US adults ages 18-29 use Facebook
- Top 3 countries that use Facebook other than the US are India, Brazil, Indonesia

It’s all business here. That’s the significant part of LinkedIn; it’s an open Rolodex of business representatives. Business services are a commodity, and the social media aspect platform has grown to include advertising, sponsored content, and more. Allow your team to expose your product or services to the directly to decision makers.

- LinkedIn has more than 500 million users
- Students and recent graduates make up more than 40 million members
- 1 million people share 130,000 posts weekly
- Top 3 countries that use LinkedIn other than the US are India, Brazil, and China

As a discovery platform, your potential audience is continuously uncovering new brands previously unknown to them. This provides businesses and brands to integrate themselves into in relevant conversation. Engaging with specific users in your community or partnering with influencers with valuable content can lead to more exposure.

- About 70 million Americans use Instagram
- Instagram has over 500 million active monthly users
- Instagram users share 1,100 photos and videos each second
- 59% of online US adults ages 18-29 use Instagram

Though Facebook and Instagram are extremely great platforms to build, cultivate, and engage your audience, they are not the only place. Twitter, Snapchat, Quora, Tumblr, YouTube, and more assist and reinforcing your brand with proper strategic use. Uzzle Media works in these avenues as well to help continue the tale that is your brand.

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