The Value in a Remarketing Campaign

A remarketing campaign can end up generating a lot of missed conversions from the past. All brands should be focusing enough time on their remarketing efforts. The main reason why remarketing is so essential is primarily because the prospect has already taken the time to visit your site but did not purchase anything. This gives the opportunity to re-engage with the customer and offer an incentive to revisit your site and get them to make a purchase.

Another way remarketing can work is through upselling an already existing customer or by creating a cross promotion. For example, you can remarket them to purchase an item that may go along with a previously purchased item. “Mike, how do you like your new iPod? Try these headphones for better listening quality.”

The Point of Remarketing

So you may be wondering at this point how to set up a remarketing campaign. A remarketing campaign is not very complicated to set up. You can go into the Audience section of AdWords, and that is where you will be able to place pixels on your site needed to create lists that segment audiences based on the pages that they have visited.

Overall, a well thought out Remarketing campaign that segments audiences accurately can lead to plenty of conversions. We have done it with all of our clients, and it works!

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